To create this Tag you will need:

PSP and Animation Shop

Both sold by Corel

A close-up tube

I used art by Elias Chatzoudis

This tube was part of MPT's Christmas gift 2010

MPT tubes and License can be found at MPT

AAA Filters-Marble Mask

AAA Frames-Foto Frame

Xenofex 2 - Constellation



Lets Begin!

New Image 600x600

Choose a dark color from your Tube for your FG

and a lighter shade of your dark color for your BG

Make a FG/BG Gradient on the FG

Angle 45-Repeats 3

Fill with your gradient

Adjust-Blur-Radial Blur

Duplicate layer - Mirror and Flip- Merge visible

Resize 600x250

AAA Filters - Marble Mask - Default

Grab yourself a screen capture of your tag however you do it

I use Ashampoo Snap 3

Copy your screenie to your clipboard and paste as a new Image

Rasterize your new Image and copy it, then delete it

Back to your Tag

Paste as new layer

If necessary, move it so it covers your whole tag

Crop to 600x250

Delete the Bottom Layer

Duplicate your BG Layer for a total of 3

On each of the 3 layers:

Xenofex 2 - Constellation

Hit the Random Seed button once for each layer

Then AAA Frames-Foto Frame

Paste your Close-up Tube and move to the left

Give it a blurry Drop Shadow

Crop your Tag

Highlight the Layer under your Tube

Rectangular selection tool

Select a rectangle to the right of the Tube, inside the AAA Frame

Fill with your light color like so

(This sample uses art by Robert Alvarado-another MPT artist-Tubes and lic HERE)

Keep selected-contract selection by 2

Fill with your dark color


Effects-distortion effects-Wave

Use your Distort Tool to pull the top and the bottom of the wave off the Tag

Change the blend mode to overlay and crop your Tag

New Layer-Send to top

Fill with your dark color - select all -contract 2 delete-deselect


At this point- Hide your Art and Border layers

We're going to get what we need for the Avi

Copy the bottom layer of Tag and paste as new image (Avi)

Copy the next one up on Tag and paste as new layer on Avi

Copy the next one up on Tag and paste as new layer on Avi

Crop tool-150x150

Don't crop any area with the AAA Layer selected

Do the AAA Foto Frame on each layer

Make your wave layer the same way you did for the Tag

Add the 2 pixel border

Set aside


Back to our Tag

Highlight the top layer and add your name, CR Info and Lic# if necessary

Hide your 3 Constellation layers and merge visible

Animate as usual

If you don't know how to do this, I have written a mini-tut

describing the process HERE


Here's what the set looks like in two different flavours



Tutorial Idea, Tags/Avis ©Shirley Franklin 2010-2012