To create this tag you will need:

A close-up tube

I used art by Jose Cano

Tubes and License can be bought at MPT

MuRa Meister-Copies

MuRa Seamless- Checks with Gradiation

MuRa Seamless-Shift at Zig Zag

Xero-Porcelain (Optional- I like the soft look it gives the Tube)


Lets Begin!

New Image 600x250

Paste Close-Up as new layer

MuRa - Copies - Wallpaper- Default
Gaussian blur - 20
Radial blur, Twirl, Strength-68, Degrees 13, Elliptical checked

Edge Effects - Enhance
Add noise - Uniform 15 -Mono checked
New layer - Fill w/ white
Mura Seamless - Checks with Gradiation

Magic wand-Default- Click in all the white squares and Delete-Deselect
Paste your tube and duplicate a few times-Move them around til you like them
Merge tube layers together
Highlight checks layer-select all-float-defloat-invert
Highlight tubes layer-delete-Blend Mode overlay-crop tag
On checks layer-Drop Shadow 1, -1, 45 and 3
Hide BG layer and merge visible

New layer-Send to top-Select all- Contract 8 - Fill w/ black- Contract 1 - Delete-invert

New layer - Drag under top layer-fill w/ black -opacity 56
On thin border layer-same Drop Shadow
Paste tube -(Xero-Porcelain if you like)- Move left - Blurry Drop Shadow-Crop tag

New layer-fill w/black, Select all-Contract 1 - Delete -Deselect
Add name, CR info and Lic # if necessary
Hide BG-Merge
Unhide BG- Duplicate 2 times for total of 3 layers


Mura Seamless-Shift at Zig Zag

Change Number to 190 for the bottom layer

207 for the middle layer, 227 for the top

Hide your 3 background layers and merge visible

Unhide all layers and Animate as usual

It works the same as any glitter animation,

but if you don't know how I have written a little mini-tut on the subject HERE


This Animation works better with darker colors or a high contrast theme


Sample Set


Tutorial Idea, Tags/Avis ©Shirley Franklin