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How this Website came to be:

I have been playing around with Paint Shop Pro since 2004

I was looking for a way to make my own web graphics

At that time, I had a family website on

one of the free web hosts-mostly for sharing photos with far flung family

They were very limited on the styles of templates they had to choose from

and I didn't like them telling me how to design MY pages, LOL

So I learned PSP, PS and HTML from tutorials I found on the internet

In 2006, I got my own domain and webspace

I now work primarily with version X2 of PSP and do some things in Photoshop as well

For the last year, I have specialized in making Forum Sets

For those who don't know, thats a banner style tag with matching avatar

I noticed that there weren't very many tutorials out there for

that type of tags, so I decided to try writing some myself

That was 30+ Tutorials ago

I love to see results when people try my tutorials

Please post a link in the comments on my Blog or shoot me an email

Thanks for looking!!


I strive to be a copyright compliant Tutorial writer and

have received this award from the Zone Groups

It's a big honor- Please come visit us at the Zone




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