For Beverly - Love ya lots!

To create this Set you will need

PSP and Animation Shop

Tube and Close-up Image of choice

I used art by Jennifer Janesko

Please do not use this art without a proper license from CDO


EC4000 - HSB Noise

VM Instant Art - Wired



Lets Begin with the Regular Tag

New Image 600x400

Select all-Paste your Tube into the selection - Deselect

Adjust-Blur-Motion Blur - Angle 315, Strength 100 - Repeat

Edge Effects - Erode, then Enhance

Duplicate, then Flip and Mirror it

Blend mode to Multiply - Opacity to 59%

Merge Visible

If you haven't covered the entire BG

Duplicate this Layer a couple of times and Move them

Until the BG is completely covered - Merge Visible


New Layer

VM Instant Art-Wired -These Settings


Magic Wand - Default Settings-Select in the black area

Selections - Modify - Select Color Range


DELETE - Invert Selection


Select the bottom layer and Promote Selection to Layer

Deselect and Delete the Wired Layer

Duplicate the Promoted Selection Layer - Image - Flip

Merge Together



Effects - Distortion Effects - Wave

Drop Shadow - 5, 5, 61 and 5


Highlight your bottom layer and Paste your Close-up as a New Layer

Move into Position

Change the Blend mode to Overlay, lower Opacity a little


Crop your Tag to Merged Opaque

Click this Button in your Tool Options Palette

Then click the green Check Mark to Apply the Crop


Highlight the Top Layer

Paste your Tube as a New Layer

Move into Position

Drop Shadow - 5, 27, 61, 84

Crop your Tag again


New Layer

Flood-fill with black or a dark color from your Tube

Select all - Modify - Contract 2 - DELETE - Deselect


Time to add your Name, CR info and License #


Let's get what we need for the Forum Tag and Avatar

Shift+D to copy your Tag - TWICE


On the First Copy

Remove Art, Border, Name, CR Info Layers

Crop Tool set to 150x150

Move the crop Box to where you want it

Hit the Green Check Mark to Apply

Add the Border and your Initial

Animate like the Tag

This is your Avatar


On the Second Copy

Remove the Border Layer

Make a Custom Selection

Top - 50

Right - 600

Bottom - 300

Left - 0

Move the Elements of your Tag around

INSIDE the Selection til you like it

Don't forget your CR info and License#

Image - Crop to Selection

Add the Border

Animate like the Tag

This is your Forum Tag



Duplicate your Promoted Selection Layer twice for a total of 3 Layers

On each of these 3 layers

EC4000-HSB Noise


Hit the Random Seed Button once for each Layer

Hide the top 2 Promoted Selection Layers

Copy merged and Paste as a New Animation in Animation Shop

Back in PSP-Unhide the middle Promoted Selection Layer and hide the Bottom one

Paste in Ani Shop after current frame

Back in PSP-Hide the middle Promoted Selection Layer and Un-hide the top one

Paste in Ani Shop after current frame

Edit - Select All

Animation - Frame Properties

Change the Number to 25

Save as a gif and you're done!


If you try any of my Tutorials

I would love to see what you made!

Please leave a link in the comments section on my Blog


Tutorial Idea, Tags/Avis ©Shirley Franklin