To create this tag, you will need:

A close-up

I used the art of Keith Garvey

Tubes and license can be bought from MPT

Do not use this art without a proper license

Unplugged Effects-Tangent Deform

Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Textures-Texture Noise


Let's Begin!

New Image 600x600

Using colors from your Tube, make a

FG/BG gradient with the lighter color as the FG

Angle 45-Repeats 3

Fill with your Gradient


Effects- Artistic Effects-Halftone

Edge effects - Enhance

Duplicate- Blur-Gaussian Blur 10


Unplugged Effects-Tangent Deform

Edge Effects-Enhance

Send this layer to the bottom

Change the Blend mode of the top layer to Overlay

Pull the Opacity down a little

Merge Visible

Now you will have a darker area

from the top left to the bottom right (hopefully :)

Get out your Lasso tool

Point-to-point, feather 12

Select an area from top left to bottom right like so:

Promote selection to layer-Deselect

Duplicate this layer twice for a total of 3 layers

On each of these 3 layers

EC5 Texture Noise-Heavy Rain Preset

On the basic Tab, change the texture to Dots and Seamless tile checked

Hit the Random seed button once for each layer

Highlight the top layer

Paste your Close-up and move to the left side

Add a blurry drop shadow

Crop your Tag

Add a layer-fill with black

Select all-Modify-Contract 1-Delete-Deselect

Add your Name, CR info and License # if necessary now

For the example at the top, I added the Texture Noise to the Text

Lets get ready to Animate!


Hide your background and Promoted selections layers

Merge visible

Unhide all layers

This is what you should have now



Hide the top two promoted selection layers

Copy merged and paste into Animation shop as a new animation

Back in PSP-hide the bottom promoted selection-unhide the middle one

Copy merged and paste into Animation shop after current frame

Back in PSP-hide the middle promoted selection-unhide the top one

Copy merged and paste into Animation shop after current frame

View Animation to make sure it looks OK

Save as a Gif



Hide any layers with Art

Use your rectangular selection tool

Select the area that you want for your Avi

Copy merged-Paste as New Image

Resize to 150 px on the longest side

Add a layer-Fill with black

Select all-Modify-Contract 1-Delete-Deselect

Merge visible and save as a Jpg




Another using Art by the Fabulous Ismael Rac


I love it when people try my Tutorials and I really love seeing your results!

If you try it, please leave a link in the comments section of my Blog


Tutorial Idea, Tags, Avi ©Shirley Franklin 2010