For this tutorial, you will need:

PSP and Animation Shop-both sold by Corel

I used PSP X3, but this tutorial can be done in any version

MuRa Meister-Copies

Two tubes of choice in contrasting colors

I used the art of Ismael Rac

Tubes and license are available at his Store

This is an Intermediate Level Tutorial


Lets Begin!

Open a new Image 600x600-transparent

Copy and paste one of your Tubes

On the Tube layer-MuRa Copies-Wallpaper Perspective

Change the top number to 215

Copy and paste your contrasting Tube as a new layer

Mirror and Flip

MuRa Copies again-same settings

Change the blend mode to Soft Light-Merge

Image-Resize-600x250 all Layers Checked

Lock Aspect Ratio Unchecked

Duplicate Layer-Motion Blur 45, 100%-Twice

Blend Mode to Hard Light-Merge

Rectangular Selection tool- Select a rectangle across the tag

See my example for placement

Promote selection to layer-Deselect- Mirror

Duplicate your background layer

On the duplicate-Effects-Artistic Effects- Halftone



Adjust Blur-Motion Blur- 45, 100%

Blend mode Luminance, or whatever looks good to you

Drop the opacity a little

Paste one of your Tubes and move to the left

Drop Shadow 9, 30, 35, 30

Crop your tag to 600x250

Add a new layer and send to the top

Fill with a dark color from your tube

Select all-Contract by 1px-Delete-Deselect

Now it's time to add your Name, CR info and License# if necessary

Before we animate, lets merge some layers

Close out the Background and Promoted Selection Layers

Merge visible

Unhide all layers-Now you should have 3 layers

The Top Layer with Name, CR, Tube and 1px Border

The Middle Layer with the Promoted Selection Layer

The Background Layer



Fire up Animation Shop

Over in PSP- Highlight and copy the Promoted Selection Layer

In Ani Shop-Paste as a New Animation


Insert Image Effect


Delete the First and Last Frames

Edit-Select All

Animation-Reverse Frames, Edit- Copy, Edit-Undo Reverse Frames

Select last Frame, Edit-Paste after Current Frame

Animation-Frame Properties-Change to 10

You should have 52 Frames

Minimize this animation for now


Back in PSP

Highlight the Background Layer and Copy

In Ani Shop

Paste as a New Animation

Duplicate Frames until you have 52 Frames-This is your Tag

Edit-Select All, Edit-Copy


Open the first Animation and Edit-Select all

Paste Into current frame-click to place


Back in PSP

Highlight the top layer and copy it

In Ani Shop

Paste as a New Animation

Duplicate Frames until you have 52 Frames

Edit-Select All, Edit-Copy


Open your Tag and Edit-Select all

Paste Into current frame-click to place


View Animation to make sure all is the way you want it

And that's it!


If you try any of my Tutorials, I would love to see

your results. Please post a link in the results

section on my Blog