To create this Tag you will Need:

Paint Shop Pro

Available from Corel

A Fall themed Scrap Element

I used one from Bel Vidotti

I used an Element from the kit called

It's Fall

The direct Link to the Post with her Kits is HERE


MuRa's Meister - Copies



Let's Begin!

New Image - 600x600

We're going to start big and size it down when we're done

Copy your chosen element

Paste as a New Layer on your Tag

MuRa's Meister - Copies - Wallpaper - Default Settings

If that didn't cover the whole Background

Run the filter again

Duplicate - Click the eye to hide the duplicate

On the original

Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur - Radius 20

Click the eye to reveal the duplicate

On the Duplicate

Adjust - Blur - Radial Blur


Effects - Edge Effects - Enhance

Change the Blend Mode to Overlay - Merge Visible


Effects - Image Effects - Seamless Tiling

Tiling Method - Corner

Direction - Bidirectional


Horizontal - 1

Vertical - 0

Transition - 50

Corner Style - Linear


Look thru your Fonts and choose a nice, chunky one

I used one called Elephants in Cherry Trees

Set your Text Tool up like this

In your Materials Palette

Change your FG to Null

Change your BG to Pattern

Choose the Image you made - Angle 0 - Scale 100

Click somewhere in the middle of your Tag and type out your Name

Selections - Invert - Delete - Deselect

Effects - 3D Effects - Inner Bevel


Drop Shadow - 2, 2, 58 and 15


Copy your Element and Paste as a New Layer

Drag this Layer under your Name Layer

Place as shown in the above Tag

Drop Shadow - 2, 2, 58 and 15

Merge Visible

Crop Tool - Snap Crop Rectangle to Merged Opaque

If you want to resize, this is the time

I resized mine so the longest side was 400px

Add your credits and save as a png


If you try any of my Tutorials

I would love to see what you made!

Please leave a link in the comments section on my Blog


Tutorial Idea, Tags/Avis ©Shirley Franklin