To create this Set you will need:

A Tube

I used art by the fabulous Ismael Rac

Tubes and License are available at his STORE

Rorshack Filters- Ripleyer

Greg's Factory Output II - Pool Shadow

Penta - Jeans



Let's begin!


Choose a light and a dark color for your FG and BG

It doesn't matter which

New Image - 600x600

Fill with your light color

New Layer - Fill with your dark color

New Layer - Fill with your light color

Rorshack Filters- Ripleyer

Magic Wand - RGB - Tolerance 0

Click in one of the light colored bars

Selections - Modify - Select Color Range

Tolerance and Softness 20

Click in the color box and then click on one of your light colored bars

Click ok

Promote Selection to Layer

Selections - Invert

Highlight the Second Layer from the Bottom

Promote Selection to Layer


Delete the Ripleyer Layer

On both Promoted Selection layers

Drop Shadow 1, 1, 50 and 3

Hide the Top one for now


Highlight the bottom Promoted Selection Layer

Custom Selection


Delete - Deselect

Move this to the Center

Free Rotate - Left - 45

All Layers unchecked

Crop your Tag

Use your Pick Tool to

Pull it out so it looks like this


Crop your Tag

Duplicate this Layer

Image - Mirror

Arrange - Bring to Top

Drop Shadow - 1, 1, 50 and 3

Hide this Layer for now


Highlight the Bottom Promoted Selection Layer

Adjust - Add Noise - 100% - Uniform - Mono Checked - Twice

Drop Shadow - 1, 1, 50 and 3


Your Layers Palette should look like this now


Highlight Promoted Selection 2

Greg's Factory Output II - Pool Shadow

Move the Intensity Slider to 50

Duplicate this Layer

Image - Mirror

Hide the Top Layer for Now

Ok, now we're gonna Crop it to size

Custom Selection

Image - Crop to Selection


New Layer - Arrange - Bring to Top

Custom Selection

Fill with one of your Colors

Keep Selected

Copy your Close-up and Paste as a New Layer

Position as Desired

Invert Selection - Delete - Deselect

Change the Blend Mode to Luminance

Opacity to 60 or so

Merge down

Penta - Jeans - Amount 62 - Width 4

Drop Shadow - 0, 10, 50 and 50


Copy your Tube - Paste as a New Layer

Position as desired

Same Drop Shadow


New Layer - Fill with Color of choice

Select All - Contract 2 - Delete - Deselect

Drop Shadow - 0, 0, 50 and 5


Add your Word Art, Name, CR Info and License#


Now let's get what we need for the Forum Sized Tag and Avi

Shift+D to copy your Tag Twice


On the First Copy

Remove all Layers except for the Bottom 5

Crop Tool Set to 150x150

Move your Crop Square to the part you want showing

Hit the green check mark to apply

Add the Border, Drop Shadow and your Initial

Save as a JPG

This is your Avi


On the Second Copy

Remove the Border

Custom Selection

Move the elements of your Tag around to your liking

Image - Crop to Selection

Add the Border and Drop Shadow

Make sure your CR info and License # are showing

Animate like we will for the Tag

This is your Forum Sized tag




Fire up Animation Shop (AS)


Copy Merged

In AS - Paste as a New Animation


Hide the Bottom Promoted Selection 2 Layer

Unhide the Top one

Copy Merged

In AS - Paste After Current Frame

Animation - Frame Properties - Change the Number to 50

Save as a GIF and you're done!


If you try any of my Tutorials

I would love to see what you made!

Please leave a link in the comments section on my Blog


Tutorial Idea, Tags/Avis ©Shirley Franklin