To create this tag you will need

PSP and Animation Shop-Both sold by Corel

Tube and Font of choice

I used art by Ismael Rac

Tubes and license can be bought at his Store

L en K - Zitah

A photo of the Moon in a black night-I got mine from Morguefile

VM Extravaganza- James Bondage


Lets Begin!

New Image 600x250-Fill with black

New layer

Choose two contrasting colors from your tube for FG/BG

Make a gradient Linear, angle 45, repeats 3

Fill with gradient

VM Extravaganza-James Bondage-Default

Edge Effects-Enhance More-

Now you should have something similar to this:


L en K - Zitah- Default

Now get out your Lasso Tool-point to point and select an area for your "window"

See sample tag - Hit your Delete Key


Highlight top layer and paste your tube and move to the left side

Drop Shadow-5, 5, 65, 30

Add your Name, Phrase and CR info and License# if necessary


Now we're going to make the border

New Layer-Send to top

Fill with your gradient-select all, contract 5-Delete-Deselect

New layer-Drag under gradient layer

Fill with black-select all, contract 6-Delete-Deselect

Merge border layers together-

Drop shadow-1, 1, 50, 2 -then again using -1 for the H&W


Before we do anything else-lets get what we need for our Avi

Copy your James Bondage Layer and paste as a new Image

Crop tool-150x150-put it in a good place and hit the check mark

Make the same border for this as you did for the tag

Add your Initial with a little drop shadow and save as a jpg


Ok then...lets get ready to animate!

Remember that "Moon" Image I asked you to get?

Get it out because we need it now

Copy it and paste it BETWEEN your black background and James Bondage layers

Rename it MOON and move it so all you see is black

Duplicate layer and move til a tiny bit of moon shows

Duplicate again and move a little again

Continue until you have the Moon moving thru the window

til you have just a little of the moon showing on the other side

The more frames you have-the smoother the animation will run

I made 12 frames

Crop your tag to 600x250

Hide all of your Moon layers-Merge the rest together


So.... Ready to animate it?

Lets do it!

Hide all of the Moon layers except the bottom one

Copy merged-go to AS and Paste as new Animation

Hide the bottom one and un-hide the next one up

Copy merged-go to AS and Paste after current frame

Hide that one and un-hide the next one up

Copy merged-go to AS and Paste after current frame

Repeat until you have all of your frames copied into AS

I set the frame rate to 20 for this example

You may need a different one, depending on how many frames you used


That's it!

View Animation to make sure it's running the way you want and save as a gif


Sample Avi



If you try my Tutorials I love seeing results

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Tutorial, Tags/Avis ©Shirley Franklin