To create this set you will need:

PSP and Anmation Shop-Both sold by Corel

A close-up tube- I used the fantastic art of Ismael Rac

Tubes and License #'s can be found at his Store

Do not use this art without a proper license


VM Instant Art-Barbwire


Lets Begin!

New Image 600x250

Fill with black

VM Instant Art-Barbwire-

Adjust the RGB Sliders til you find a color to match your tube



Magic Wand -Add, RGB, Tolerance set to 20

Click inside your crosses til you have all you want selected

Modify Feather to 10- Keep selected

Duplicate Layer twice for a total of 3 layers

HSB Noise on all 3 layers-these settings

Hit the Random seed button once for each layer


Paste your close-up and move into place

Drop shadow-5, 5, 68 and 28

Crop your tag

Now we're going to make a border

New Layer-send to top-Select all-contract 6-fill with black-contract 1 and DELETE

Deselect- new layer-drag under black border layer

Select all -contract 6-invert-fill with a color from your tube-blend mode to overlay

Merge the border layers together and add this drop shadow- 2, 2, 50, 2, then -2, -2, 50, 2

Time to add your CR info and License # if necessary

Type your name-I used Grey Qo -in black

EC4000 Corona-these settings:


Choose a color to compliment your tube

Drop Shadow 5, 5, 59, 5

Lets get what we need for the Avi now

Highlight your bottom layer- Copy and paste as a new image

Crop tool- 150x150-position where you want it and click the arrow

Add the same border you made for the tag

Add your Intiial, use the same EC4000 on it and the same drop shadow


Lets get ready to animate our tag

Hide the 3 bottom layers and merge visible

Unhide the bottom layer-Edit-Copy Merged

Open Animation Shop

Paste as New Animation

Hide the bottom layer and Unhide the next one up

Copy Merged and in Ani Shop-Paste after current frame

Hide the second layer and Unhide the third one from the bottom

Copy Merged and in Ani Shop-Paste after current frame

Select all and change the Frame Properties to 25

View Animation to make sure all is as you like it

Then save as a gif


Sample Avi:


Another Example using the art of Keith Garvey - tubes and license can be found at MPT



If you try my Tutorial, I would love to see your results

Please post a link in the comments section on my Blog



Tutorial, Tags/Avis ©Shirley Franklin