You will need PSP-any version will do

Animation Shop

My Mask HERE

An Image, NOT a tube

Ok, let's go...

Find a nice photo that's longer than it is tall.

I got mine from

Use your rectangular selection tool and select a long, narrow rectangle

Image>crop to selection

Image>resize- make the width 600

We're looking for the image size to be roughly 600x250

You might have to crop it again

With your eye dropper, choose a dark color for the foreground and a light color for the background

On the background, make a foreground/background gradient

angle 45, repeats 6

In your layer palette, promote your background to a raster layer

Duplicate then hide the duplicated layer for now

Open up your mask


Uncheck-lock aspect layer

Check-Resize all layers

Change the size to whatever the size your image is-mine is 600x250

Back to your Image

Still working on the bottom layer

Layers-New mask Layer>from image

Find my mask, check the invert mask data box

Merge group-change the blend mode to hard light

Add a new layer and fill with your gradient-send to bottom

Open your top layer-resize by 80%

make sure the lock aspect ratio box IS checked and the resize all layers is UNCHECKED

Select all-float-defloat-modify-expand by 5

Make a new layer under this one and fill with your foreground color

Merge the top layer down

Drop Shadow-0, 0, 100 and 14

Add a new layer and send to the top

Fill with the dark color

Select all-modify-contract by 5 , then edit-clear-same drop shadow

Now is the time to resize if you need to-make sure

that you sharpen if you do

I left mine full-sized for the sake of this tutorial

Add your name and cr info at this point

Merge the cr, name and top frame and main image layers together

At this point, you should have 3 layers

The bottom, gradient layer

the middle masked layer

the top layer, with the main image, name and cr info


Time to Animate!

Add some noise to your mask layer

Image-add noise-uniform-50-monochrome checked

Duplicate your mask layer twice for a total of 3 layers

On the bottom mask layer-EC4000 Jiggle

Use Jiggle on the middle and top mask layers,

making sure you hit the random seed button once each time

Hide the top two mask layers

Edit>copy merged

Open Animation Shop

Edit>Paste as new animation

Back in PSP- Hide the bottom mask layer and unhide the middle one

edit-copy merged

back to Animation Shop

edit-paste after current frame

Back in PSP- Hide the middle mask layer and unhide the top one

edit-copy merged

back to Animation Shop

edit-paste after current frame

Now you should have 3 frames in AS

View>Animation to make sure it looks right

That's it, you're done!

Another example:



Tutorial and tags (C)Shirley Franklin