To create this set you will need:

A Photo that's Taller than it is Long

It should be at least 757x1000

I am using one of my own

Please do not use any of my photographs without permission



Let's Begin!

Open your Photo in PSP


New Image - 600x300

Paste your Photo as a New Layer

Move it around so there's some contrasting colors and textures showing

Blur - Radial Blur

Crop to Merged Opaque


Go back to your Photo

Resize it so it's 300px High - Sharpen

Copy it and Paste it on your Tag as a New Layer

Duplicate it

On the Duplicate - Select All - Float - Defloat

New Layer - Fill with a dark color

Contract selection by 2 - Delete - Deselect - Hide this Layer for now

Duplicate the Original again - Highlight the Original Layer

Effects - Image Effects - Offset - 62/0 - transparent

Do this 3 more times until the whole right side of the Tag is covered

Merge all of these layers together

Duplicate and Mirror - Merge Visible

Change the Blend Mode to Luminance

Merge Down


New Layer - Fill with a dark color

Contract selection by 2 - Delete - Deselect

Unhide the Top Photo Layer now


Add your Name, CR Info and License#


To Make the Avatar

Shift+D to copy your Tag

Delete Name and CR layers

Set your Crop Tool to 150x150

Move over the area you want it and Hit the checkmark to apply

Add the 2px Border

Add CR Info and Name

Save as a JPEG



Highlight the BG Layer

Edit - Copy

Fire up Animation Shop(AS)

Edit Paste as a New Animation

Effects - Insert Image Effects - Rotate Colors

Scroll back to the First Frame and Delete it

You should have 70 Frames


Go back to PSP

Hide the Bottom Layer

Edit - Copy Merged

Go back to AS

Paste as a New Animation

Hold down the ctrl key and repeatedly hit L until you have 70 Frames

Select All - Edit - Copy

Go to your First Animation

Edit - Paste Into Current Frame

Click to place

View Animation to make sure its like you want it

Save as a gif and you're done!


Another Sample, also with one of my Photos


If you try this, or any of my Tutorials

I would love to see what you made

Please Post results and comments on my Fanpage