February 8, 2013

To create this Set you will need:

A Tube and a Close-up

I used Art by Barbara Jensen

Tubes and License to use Barbara's Art available HERE


DSB Flux - Bright Noise

MuRa's Meister - Copies



Let's Begin!


Choose a Dark Color for your BG

Choose a Light Color for your FG

Make a FG/BG Gradient on the BG

Sunburst - Angle 45 - Repeats 0

New Image - 600x400

Fill with your Dark Color

New Layer - Fill with your Gradient


Make your FG Null

Make your BG your Dark Color

Preset Shape Tool

I used the Heart Preset that came with my PSP


Draw a small heart in the middle of your Tag

Objects - Align Center

Convert to Raster


MuRa's Meister - Copies

Tiling(Feedback) - Change the Number to 1

Change the Tile Gap to 2

All else Default Settings

Select All - Float - Defloat

Select your Gradient Layer

Delete - Deselect

Delete the Hearts Layer

On the Gradient Layer

Drop Shadow - 2, 2, 80 and 5


Select your BG Layer

Duplicate it Twice for a total of Three Layers

On each of these Layers

DSB Flux - Bright Noise

32 - Mix Checked

Hit the Mix Button once for each Layer


Highlight your Top Layer

Preset Shape Tool

Same Settings as before

Draw out a Heart shape bigger than your Tag

See my example for size and placement

Once you're happy with it, convert to Raster

Add Noise - Gaussian - 17 - Mono Checked

Select your BG Layer

Crop to Merged Opaque


Select your Big Heart Layer

Drop Shadow 2, 2, 80 and 15


New Layer

Change your BG back to Gradient

Change your FG to Black or a Dark Color you like

Fill with Black

Select All - Contract 5 - Delete - Deselect

Select All - Contract 3 - Invert - Fill with your Gradient


Drop Shadow 0, 0, 100 and 5


Paste your Tube as a New Layer

Move into Position

Drop Shadow of Choice

Add your WordArt, Name, CR info and License#


Let's get what we need for Forum Tag and Avatar

Shift+D to Copy your Tag - Twice


On the First Copy

Remove Tubes, Border, Name and CR Layers

Resize to 450X300

Set your Crop Box to 150X150

Move where you want it and Hit the Arrow to Apply

Add the Border and your Name or Initial

Animate like we will for the Tag


On the Second Copy

Remove the Border and your Main Tube

Move your CR and Name Layers to the Center of the Tag

Custom Selection

Top - 50

Right - 600

Bottom - 350

Left - 0

Crop to Selection

Add the Border

Add your Tube and give it a Blurry Drop Shadow

Crop to Merged Opaque

Move your Name and CR Layers back into position

Animate like we will for the Tag



Make sure all Layers are Visible

Copy Merged and Open Animation Shop(AS)

Paste as a New Animation

Back in PSP

Hide the Top BG Layer

Copy Merged

In AS Paste as After Current Frame

Back in PSP

Hide the Middle BG Layer

Copy Merged

In AS Paste as After Current Frame

Select All - Animation - Frame Properties

Save as a Gif


Here are examples of this Tut using different Shapes

Art by Barbara Jensen



If you try any of my Tutorials

I would love to see what you made!

Please leave a link in the comments section on my Fanpage


Tutorial Idea, Tags/Avis ©Shirley Franklin