To create this set you will need:

PSP - which is now sold by Corel

MuRa Meister-Copies

AAA - Foto Frame

A tube-I used art by Cris De Lara

I bought this tube while she was with MPT

This is a fairly simple tutorial

The result depends mostly on the tube you use


Lets Begin!

Copy your tube and paste as a new image

Resize canvas to 600x600

MuRa Copies-Wallpaper Rotate-default settings

Crop tool- crop 600x250

Make sure the element you want to show on the right side is where you want it

Duplicate Layer-adjust Blur-Motion Blur-45-100%-Twice

Edge Effects-Enhance

Distortion effects-Pixellate-20-Symmetric Checked

Edge Effects-Enhance

Distortion Effects-Wave



Change the blend mode to overlay or hard light-depending on your Colors

Paste your tube and move to the left side-Add a blurry drop shadow-

Crop your Tag

Merge Visible

Crop Tool-150x150-Move to where you get what you need for your Avatar

Edit-Copy, Edit-Paste as a new Image-set aside

Back to your Tag, Edit-Undo Crop


AAA-Foto Frame


Time to add your CR info, License # if necessary and your Name

Merge all visible and you're Done!



Use the same AAA Foto Frames Setting as for the Tag

Add your CR Info, Lic # and Initial

Merge Visible

Save as a Jpg and that's it!


Here's the sample set:



I really love to see results, so if you try

this Tutorial, please post a link in the

comments section of my Blog



Tutorial idea and graphics by Shirley Franklin