To create this set you will need:

A Tube

I used art by Ismael Rac

Tubes and License are available at his Store

Font of choice - I used Johanna Whimsy JF

Filters Unlimited 2.0

Dsb Flux - Bright Noise

MuRa's Meister - Copies



Let's Begin!


Note: Having done this Tutorial a couple of times,

I can tell you that it doesn't work so well with Darker colors


New Image - 600x250

Copy your Tube and Paste as a New Layer on your Tag

Keep it in the middle, but move it up or down

so the part you want showing is dead center

Crop your Tag to 600x250

MuRa's Meister - Copies

Line Preset - Change the number to something you like

Top Tag used 5 - Bottom Tag used 3


If you haven't covered the entire background:

Duplicate Layer - Send to Bottom

Still on that Layer - Image - Flip - Merge Visible


Filters Unlimited 2.0

Choose a gradient from the list - Hit Select - Then Apply

Use the sliders to change the intensity of the Gradient-just play with it


Effects - Illumination Effects - Lights


At this point on both Tags, I duplicated this Layer

and changed the Blend Mode to Screen to lighten it up then merged them together

It may not be necessary on your Tag


Paste your Tube as a New Image and Send to top if necessary

Place as desired and give it a blurry drop shadow

Crop your Tag


Make a New Layer and drag it between your BG Layer and Tube Layer

Choose contrasting colors from your Tube for your FG and BG


Fill your New Layer with your BG Color

Select All - Contract 2 - Delete

Keep Selected - Expand Selection 1px - Invert

Fill with your FG Color- Deselect

Drop Shadow - 1, 1, 100 and 3 then -1, -1, 100 and 3


Duplicate this border Layer twice for a total of three Layers

Magic wand tool - Mode - Add (shift), RGB Value Tolerance and Feather 0


Click on the FG color in your border

DSB Flux - Bright Noise

36 - Lighter checked

Do this on each of these three Layers

Hit the Lighter button once each time


Now it's time to add your Name, CR and License# if necessary




Hide your top two DSB Flux layers - Edit - Copy Merged

In Animation shop - Edit- Paste as new animation

Back in PSP

Hide the bottom DSB Flux layer and unhide the middle one

Edit - Copy merged

In Animation shop - Edit - Paste after current frame

Back in PSP

Hide the middle DSB Flux layer and unhide the top one

Edit-copy merged

In Animation shop - Edit- Paste after current frame

View animation- If you like it, save as a gif and you're done!


Sample Sets



I love to see results, so if you try one of my tutorials,

I would love to see what you made

Please post a link in the comments section on my Blog


Tutorial idea, Tags/Avis ©Shirley Franklin