To create this Set you will need:

An Image of your Choice

I used art by Keith Garvey

I bought this while he was with PTE

As of this Writing

Tubes and License Available at his Store

Filter Factory E - Gradient Spokes Ratio Maker



Let's Begin!

Choose Light and Medium-Dark Colors from your Image

For your FG/BG - Make the FG the Light Color

Make a FG/BG Gradient on the FG

Sunburst - Repeats 5 - Link Checked

New Image - 600x400

Fill with your Gradient



On the Original - Gaussian Blur 30%


On the Duplicate

Filter Factory E - Gradient Spokes Ratio Maker

Ratio 182

Change the Blend Mode to Overlay or one you like better

Merge Visible


Duplicate Layer

Image - Flip


You should still have the Top Layer Selected

Custom Selection

Promote Selection to Layer


Drop Shadow 0, 0, 100 and 25

Set this aside for now


Let's Prepare our Image

Shift+D to Copy it and Close the Original

Crop it so it's Taller than it is Wide

Resize to 325px High

New Layer - Fill with your Dark Color

Select All - Contract 10 - Delete - Deselect


Effects - Texture Effects - Weave

Gap 1 - Width 2 - Opacity 1

Fill Checked - Both Colors your Light Color

Drop Shadow 0, 0, 100 and 25

Edit - Copy Merged

Set This aside to use as your Avi


Back on your Tag

Paste as a New Layer

Drop Shadow 0, 0, 100 and 25



Resize 85%

Move to the Right Side


Move to the Left Side


Change the Blend Mode on the Right Side to Hard Light

Change the Blend Mode on the Left Side to Luminance(L)


Drag the Two Smaller Layers Under the Bigger Central one

See Above for Placement


Let's get what we need for the Forum Tag

Shift+D to Copy your Tag

On the Copy

Set your Crop Tool to the Size you want

I used 600x300

Put your Crop Box Dead Center

Hit the Arrow to Apply

Resize the Central Image - 90%


Highlight your Promoted Selection Layer

Rectangular Selection Tool

Make a Selection like this:

Invert Selection

Delete - Deselect


Add your Name, CR Info and License#

Set this aside for now


To make the Avi

Go back to the Framed Image you made before

Resize to 150 high

Adjust - Sharp - Sharpen

Add your Initial, CR Info and License#

Save as a Jpeg



Starting with the Tag

Make sure All Layers are Visible

Copy Merged

Open up Animation Shop(AS)

Paste as a New Animation

Back in PSP

Hide the Second Layer from the Bottom

Copy Merged

Paste after Current Frame

Select All

Animation - Frame Properties

Change the Number to 35

Save as a GIF


Animate the Forum Tag the same way


That's it, we're done!


If you try any of my Tutorials

I would love to see what you made!

Please leave a link in the comments section on my Fanpage


Tutorial Idea, Tags/Avis ©Shirley Franklin