Edge Masks on the Fly


This is one method I use to make edge masks on the fly.

Open a 600x600 (or 600x250 if you want a banner mask)Transparent
Fill with white. Add a layer and fill that one with black.

On the black layer, select all, contract by 10, invert and delete. Deselect.
Now you should have something that looks like this:

Still on the black layer. Select all, float and defloat.

Effects, Distortion Effects, Displacement Map.

Here's where you can customize the edge mask to your liking,

Use the little arrow to choose a map that makes an edge that you like.

You can change the blur-2d or 3d, However you want it.

I suggest keeping transparent checked too.

Here's the setting I used.

Deselect and flatten image. Now you have your Mask.

Here's a photo of my grandson Christopher and Santa with the new mask applied.


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