To create this Set you will need

A Tube and A Close-up Tube or an Image

I used Art by Verymany

Tubes and License Available from PFD

Krusty's FX Vol.III 1.0 - Psychedelic Radial Texturizer

Xero - Porcelain



Let's Begin!

First we're going to create a Gradient

Open your Close-up or Image in PSP

In your Materials Palette

Change the FG to Gradient

Linear - Angle 0 - Repeats 0

Hit the EDIT Button

This opens the Gradient Editor

I am going to show you how to make a tri-color Gradient

Click the little Tab on the right

You'll see that you have an eye dropper now

Move it over your Tube or Image til you get the color you want


Now Click the left Tab and Choose a second Color

Click and Drag that Tab to the Middle

Then Click at the Left End of the Gradient to create another Tab

Click the new Tab and Choose a third Color

This is the Gradient I made for the Sample Below


You can see how easy it is to create Custom Gradients

Hit the Save As Button, give it a name and Close the Box

The Gradient you made should be showing in the FG Box


Let's get to Taggin'

New Image - 600x400

Fill with your Gradient

Duplicate Layer

Effects - Texture Effects - Weave

2, 2 and 2 - Weave Color White

Gap Color a Color from your Tube

Fill Gaps Checked

Blend Mode Screen or some other you like better

Merge Visible


Krusty's FX Vol.III 1.0 - Psychedelic Radial Texturizer

You'll have to move your Red, Blue and Green Sliders til

The Colors Match your Tag

Duplicate Layer - Image Flip


Make sure you're on the Top Layer

Selection Tool - Type Ellipse - Mode Add(shift) - Feather 0

Place your Cursor at X-300 and Y-200

Drag out an ellipse thats Taller than your Tag

Promote Selection to Layer

Copy your Close-Up or Image and Paste as a New Layer

Selections Invert - Delete

Change the Blend Mode to Overlay or another you like better

Merge Down

Xero - Porcelain - Blue Channel 0

Drop Shadow - 10, 20, 85 and 100

Copy your Tube and Paste as a New Layer

Move into Position - Drop Shadow - 10, 20, 85 and 100

New Layer

Select All - Contract 1 - Delete - Deselect

Add your Name, Word Art, CR info and License#


Now lets get what we need for the Forum Tag and Avatar

Shift+D to copy your Tag - TWICE


On the First Copy

Set your Crop Tool to 150x150

Move to where you want it

Hit the Green Check Mark to Apply

Add your Initial, CR Info, License# and a 1 px Border

Save as a JPG

This is your Avatar


On the Second Copy

Remove the Border

Custom Selection

Move The Elements of the Tag around

Inside the Selection til you like it

Add the Border

Animate like we will for the Tag

This is your Forum Tag



In PSP - Edit - Copy Merged

In Animation Shop(AS)

Paste as a New Animation

In PSP - Hide the Top Layer

Edit - Copy Merged

In AS - Paste After Current Frame

Select All - Frame Properties

Change the Number to 50

Save as a gif and you're done!


Another Example

With Art by Keith Garvey

Tubes and License Available from PTE


If you try any of my Tutorials

I would love to see what you made!

Please leave a link in the comments section on my Blog


Tutorial Idea, Tags/Avis ©Shirley Franklin