To create this Set, you will need

A Tube and a Close-up

I used art by Jennifer Janesko

Tubes and License Available from CDO

Font is SkinDeep BB

No outside Filters are Necessary



Let's Begin!

Choose a Dark Color for your BG

Choose a Light Shade of your Dark Color for the FG

On the BG make a FG/BG Gradient

Sunburst - Angle and Repeats 0 - Link Checked


We're going to start with the Regular Tag

New Image - 600x400

Fill with your FG Color

Adjust - Add Noise

Uniform - 17 - Mono Checked

Effects - Distortion Effects - Pixelate

Height and Width 5 - Symmetric Checked

Effects - Edge Effects - Enhance


New Layer

Custom Selection

Fill with your Gradient

Effects - Edge Effects - Enhance

Effects - Texture Effects - Weave

1, 2, 1 - Weave and Gap your BG Color - Fill Gaps Checked

Keep Selected

New Layer

Click on your Gradient in the Materials Palette

Tick the Invert Box - Click OK

Fill the Selection with the new Gradient

Effects - Edge Effects - Enhance

Effects - Texture Effects - Weave - Same Settings



Highlight your Middle Layer

We are going to Create a Layer Group

Right Click on your Highlighted Layer

Choose New Layer Group

Make sure it's set up like this:


Your Layer Palette should look like this:

You'll notice that the Raster 2 Layer is indented a little

That shows you that it's in the Layer Group


Highlight the Top Layer

Left Click and Drag it Down into the Group 1 Layer

Now your Layer Palette should look like this:


Highlight the Group 1 Layer

Duplicate it - Image - Flip

Now you have TWO Layer Groups


Highlight your BG Layer

Copy your Close-Up and Paste as a New Layer

Move Left

Crop your Tag


This next part is dependent on the Tube you use

Rectangular selection tool

Starting in the Upper Left Corner

Click and Drag to create a Selection around your Close-Up

Highlight the BG Layer

Promote to Selection



Adjust - Add Noise - Same Settings

Highlight the Close-Up Layer

Merge Down

Arrange - Bring to Top

Adjust - Hue and Saturation - Colorize - Both Numbers 0


Effects - Texture Effects - Blinds

Width 2 - Opacity 24 - Color white - Horizontal and Light from Top Checked

Adjust - Sharpen


Copy your Tube and Paste as a New Layer

Resize if Necessary and Move into Position

Drop Shadow - 20, 20, 100 and 100

Crop your Tag

Add your WordArt, Name, CR and License Number


New Layer - Bring to Top

Fill with your Dark Color

Select All - Contract 2 - Delete - Deselect

Effects - Edge Effects - Enhance


Shift+D to copy your Tag Twice

On the first Copy:

Delete the Border Layer

Delete the Layer group that isn't inside the Selection

Custom Selection

Top - 0

Right - 600

Bottom - 250

Left - 0

Move your Tubes, CR Info and Name Layers around

Until you're happy -

Crop to Selection

Add the Border

Animate like we will for the Tag

This is your Forum Sized tag


On the Second Copy

Remove Art Layers

Remove Border, CR and Name Layers

Set your Crop Tool to 150x150

Move where you want it

Delete the Layer group that isn't inside the Crop area

Click the green check mark to apply


Add the Border

Add your Name

Animate like we will for the Tag

This is your Avatar



Fire up Animation Shop(AS)


Look in your Layer Palette and make sure all Layers are Visible

Copy Merged

In AS - Paste as a New Animation


Hide the Raster 3 Layers

(The Top ones in BOTH Layer groups)

**For the Forum Tag and Avi, you'll only need to hide ONE Raster 3 Layer**

Copy Merged

In AS - Paste after Current Frame

Edit - Select All - Animation - Frame Properties

Change the Number to 40

Save as a Gif and you're done!


Another Sample, also with art by Jennifer Janesko


If you try any of my Tutorials

I would love to see what you made!

Please leave a link in the comments section on my Blog


Tutorial Idea, Tags/Avis ©Shirley Franklin