How to make your © show up better


No matter the font or colors or size, sometimes it's hard to

find that balance between making sure your © info is legible

and having it overpower the look you were going for

when you created your tag - especially if your tag has a busy background


I have run across this problem many times and

have developed this method to fix the problem

I generally use verdana, sz 9, anti-alias off and a light color from my tube



As you can see, it's there, but not exactly legible

Here's how we're going to fix that

Rasterize the Text and make a new layer

Drag it under your Text layer

Highlight the Text layer again - Select all-float-defloat-expand selection 1px

Highlight the new layer you just created and make your FG a darker color from your tube


Get out your Airbrush tool and make your settings like this


Go over the selected area once or twice and deselect

Merge the text layer down into your Airbrush layer

Now it looks like this:



Here's what it looks like with a dark text and light Airbrushing


Thanks for taking time to read this tutorial





Tutorial idea, Tags/Avis ©Shirley Franklin




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