To create this Set you will need:

A Tube and a Close-up

I used art by Jennifer Janesko

Tubes and License available from CDO

DSB Flux - Bright Noise and Blast



Let's begin!



Here is My Mask for those who just want to make the Tag

The Tag Tutorial is Here


We are going to begin by making a Mask

In yours Layers Palette

Make your FG Black and your BG White

New Image 800x800

If it's not at 100% - Zoom in til it is

Hit your PrtScrn key on your keyboard to make a screenie

(or use whatever method you make screenies with)

Edit - Paste as New Image

Delete the First Image

In the Second Image

Zoom to 100%

Crop Tool - 600x250

Move it to the Center of your Transparent Image

Hit the Green Check Mark to Apply

Magic Wand Tool

Add(Shift) - RGB Value - Tolerance and Feather 0

Click in one of the grey squares

Selections - Modify - Select Color Range

Click in the Selected area - Click ok

Now all the grey squares should be selected

Make a New Layer

Flood Fill Tool

Match Mode - None

Fill the Selection with Black - Deselect

Highlight your Bottom Layer

Edit - Clear

Now the Background Layer should be White


Highlight the Top Layer

Image - Resize - 125%

Lock Aspect Ratio Checked

All Layers Unchecked

Crop to 600x250


DSB Flux - Blast

Apply Blast Three more times

The second time change the direction to Right

The third time change the direction to Upwards

The fourth time change the direction to Downwards

Merge Down


New Layer - Fill with Black

Select All - Contract 10 - Delete - Deselect


Apply the Blast Filter in all Four Directions

Pull the Opacity down to around 80

Merge Visible


Your Mask is Complete

Save as a JPG and save it - You may want to use it again


The Tag Tutorial is Here


If you try any of my Tutorials

I would love to see what you made!

Please leave a link in the comments section on my Blog


Tutorial Idea, Tags/Avis ©Shirley Franklin