To create this Tag you will need:

A Tube

I used Art by Barbara Jensen

Tubes and License Available HERE

A Moon Image at least 700px wide

I got mine from Morguefile

You'll need to choose one where the Moon

is on the upper Left side of the Image

The Font is Amorinda

AAA Frames - Foto Frame

MuRa's Meister - Copies

Xenofex 2 - Constellation



Let's Begin!


New Image - 650X432

Select All

Copy your Image

Paste into Selection on your Tag



You'll want your Image to match the Tube

Choose two contrasting colors from your Tube

Make a Sunburst Gradient

Repeats 1 - Link Checked


New Layer - Fill with Gradient

Change the Blend Mode to Color or another you like better

Merge Visible



Custom Selection

Top - 0

Right - 359

Bottom - 432

Left - 89

Make sure you're on the Top Layer

Delete - Deselect


Effects - Texture Effects - Weave

From Top - 1, 4, 55

Fill Gaps Checked

Change both colors to match your Tube


Effects - Distortion Effects - Warp

Drop Shadow - 0, 0, 100 and 5 - Twice

Change the color to a light one

Drop Shadow - 5, 5, 100 and 25

Change the color to Black


Select the Bottom Layer

Select All - Contract 40 - Invert

Promote Selection to Layer

Keep Selected

Send this Layer to Top

AAA Frames - Foto Frames - Default Settings

Drop Shadow - 0, 0, 100 and 25


Select the BG Layer

At this point, if the moon isn't the way you want in the "window" that you created,

The 40px Border gives you some lee-way to resize or move it to where you want

Just make sure there are no transparent areas showing


Text Tool

In Font of Choice - Small

Type Bewitching

Objects - Align - Center in Canvas

Convert to Raster

MuRa's Meister - Copies

Tiling(Feedback) - Change the Number to 1

Change the Tile Gap to 3

Drop Shadow - 1, 1, 100 and 1

Change the Blend Mode to one you like

I used Overlay


Select the Top Layer

Copy your Tube and Paste as a New Layer

Move into Position

Drop Shadow of Choice

Select All - Contract 40 - Invert Selection

Eraser Tool

Erase the Part of the Tube that covers the Border on the Bottom


Add your Name, CR Info and License#



Select the BG Layer

Magic Wand Tool - Add(Shift) - Tolerance 10 - Feather 0

Click around in the Moon until you get the area you want Selected

Dupliacte this Layer Twice for a Total of Three Layers

On each of these Layers

Xenofex 2 - Constellation



Hit the Random Seed Button once for each of these Layers


Make sure all Layers are Visible

Copy Merged

Open Animation Shop (AS)

Paste as a New Animation


Hide the Top BG Layer

Copy Merged

In AS - Paste After Current Frame


Hide the Middle BG Layer

Copy Merged

In AS - Paste After Current Frame

Edit - Select All

Animation - Frame Properties

Change the Number to 24

Save as a Gif



If you try this, or any of my Tutorials

I would love to see what you made

Please Post results and comments on my Fanpage





All Tutorials and Designs on this site are

©Shirley Franklin www.shirleyswebworks.com