To create this Tag you will Need:

A Tube

I used art by Jennifer Janesko

Tubes and License available at CDO

An Image with lots of Contrast

I used one from Morguefile

Plugins AB 02 - Agnesi


***This Tutorial works best with Later versions of PSP and in B/W***

***Instructions for working this Tut in Earlier Versions and in Color are in RED below***


My Selection HERE - Unzip into your Selections Folder

My Overlay


Just right-Click and save to your Computer



Let's Begin!

Open a New Image - 900X650

Select All

On your Image - Promote to Layer

Select All

On your New Image - Paste Into Selection


My Image was in color and I wanted it B/W

Adjust - Hue, Saturation and Lightness - Both sliders to 0

Effects - Texture Effects - Weave

From top - 1, 4, 2 - White for both colors


Copy my Overlay

New Layer - Paste into Selection


Change the Blend Mode

I used Hard Light, but you may like another better

Play with it til you like it

Pull down the opacity a bit

Merge Down


New Layer

Load my Selection

Fill with Black or Color of Choice



Open your Effects Browser

Choose Jumble Streaks



My Tester has informed me that this Effects Browser setting is not available in all versions of PSP

And if it is, it still doesn't work well with Color

For those of you having trouble with it, I have made a PNG of that Element of the Tag

Just Right-Click and save to your Computer

Place this in position on your Tag

If you want it to be Colored, Select All - Float - Defloat

New Layer - Fill with your Color

Delete the original - Deselect



New Layer

Selection Tool

Selection Type Rectangle - Mode Add(Shift)

Draw out a thin rectangle on the right and left sides of your Tag

Fill with Black or color of choice

Deselect - Same Drop Shadow

Merge Down

Drop Shadow - 0, 0, 50 and 25 - TWICE


Resize - Lock and All Layers Checked



Highlight the Layer with the Element and Side Borders

Magic Wand - Default Settings

Click in the Transparent area on the left side

Expand Selection by 1

Highlight the Bottom Layer

Promote Selection to Layer


Duplicate Twice for a total of Three of these Layers


Starting from the Top

Plugins AB 02 - Agnesi

Change the Factor 1 Slider to 48

On the Middle one

Change the Factor 1 Slider to 58

On the Top one

Change the Factor 1 Slider to 68

Change the Blend mode to Screen or another one you like

Hide the bottom Two of These Layers


Highlight the Top Layer

Paste your Tube as a New Layer

Move into Position Apply the same Drop Shadow as before

Add your Name, CR Info and License



Fire up your Animation Shop (AS)


Edit - Copy Merged

In AS - Paste as a New Animation


Hide the Top Agnesi Layer

Un-Hide the Middle one

Edit - Copy Merged

In AS - Paste as After Current Frame


Hide the Middle Agnesi Layer

Un-Hide the Bottom one

Edit - Copy Merged

In AS - Paste as After Current Frame

Save as a Gif and you're done!


A Colored Sample with Art by Barbara Jensen

Tubes and License Available HERE



Another Sample

Art by Jennifer janesko


If you try this, or any of my Tutorials

I would love to see what you made

Please Post results and comments on my Fanpage

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